Monday, November 21, 2011

Chapters 8-9

The first step in constructing a paragraph is to begin it by announcing your topic.  There are two methods of this, one is the top-down, and the other is the bottom-up.  The top-down method starts with the subject of the article.  It reaches out and slaps you in the face, so you know what you are reading before you start reading in depth.  The bottom-up is like a novel.  You may ready several paragraphs or pages before you know the point the writer is trying to make.  The second step is to present your generalizations before your details.  After that, you can move from the most important thing to the least important thing.  If you are having troubles you can consult conventional strategies when you are having difficulties with organizing.  You also need to consider the cultural back ground of your readers when you are organizing your article.  Adding signposts can help readers create a map of what your writing is about. 

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