Sunday, November 13, 2011


Brainstorming is a very good way to get started on your writing.  In order to effectively brainstorm it is best to say yes to all of your initial ideas.  Write everything down, and when you are finished brainstorming go back over all of your ideas and start to eliminate the ones that you feel are not important to include in your article, report, or whatever you may be writing.  According to the text book, Technical Communication, there is a brainstorming procedure to follow.  There are five simple points.   Review your knowledge of your readers, determine what you know about the subject, write down ideas as fast as they come to you, when the stream runs dry go back through them, and when there are no longer any new ideas group the items in your list together and see if that inspires any new thoughts.  Brainstorming I feel is one of the most critical parts of the writing process.  It gets everything out on the table and allows you to write a very well written report or article. 

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