Monday, October 31, 2011

Media for Jobs

I think that this article has some very good points, but also misses some very good points.  I think that if everything is done over the internet then we lose out on some face to face stuff.  I can make up all kinds of stuff on my homepage and get people or companies to recognize me and then when it comes time to interview or even start the job I could be someone completely different.  I think that it is good for the fact that it would help to maybe clean up all of the stuff that shouldn't be on the public websites, such as faceboook, myspace, and twitter.  It is also a good idea because it kind of puts everyone on the same playing level. For example if everyone creates this webpage then they are out there to be browsed upon by potential employers.  You will get what you give if the job hunt changes to this method. 

Army Funding

First off, I think that it is just ridiculous to even think about cutting the Army's budget.  They along with our other military units are our front lines.  Cutting the budgets is not a way to ensure our safety as Americans.  If they cut the budgets and all hell breaks lose what do we have?  That really isn't how I want my kids to feel growing up.  The military is the most important thing that a country has to ensure freedom.  For them to even gamble on cutting the budgets is a pointless risk that should never be taken!