Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Final Blog....for now

I think that social media and business writing go hand in hand.  If you want to portray good things to the media then you better make sense when you are doing it.  Facebook and Twitter are very good social media tools to help promote a business, idea, or anything.  Twitter takes a unique approach by only allowing 140 characters.  This to me helps people become more creative and more to the point in their writings.  The job I have now cannot use social media because of privacy and HIPPA laws.  I do however think that it is a good tool for promotions and sales.  Twitter in my opinion is the best for this because of the 140 character limit you have to be concise and to the point and readers are more apt to check out what you are selling when they don’t have to read so much.  Some drawbacks to social media are that anybody can find anyone.  It is very important to not post too personal of information.  If you post the wrong things then management and the higher ups can see that it could lead to hazardous problems.  Writing varies among everyone.  Social media writing is pretty much a hey what’s up world and for lack of a better phrase giving a play by play of your life so to speak.  When you are writing on paper it seems more personal and professional to me.  It takes a lot more effort in my opinion.  There is more research when you are not writing on social media websites.  The society has been greatly impacted by social media.  All of the influential people of the world have either face book or twitter, if not both.  Each year more and more people are signing up for the social media websites and I feel pretty soon that email is going to be a thing of the past if it isn’t already.  The lingo that is used on social media websites is bad for writing in my opinion.  How many people are going to get a job if they use things like lol, omg, and fyi on their resumes or even in conversation?  That is highly unprofessional and I think that it is scarring us when it comes to writing.  I am not a very good writer as it is and for the social media websites and all the lingo it makes it even harder to learn to write better.  Social media is good for the purpose of having important information on one site.  If you are friends are follow the right people you are guaranteed to stay in the loop on just about any topic.  My writing has greatly improved due to blogging.  It could have been the repetition of constant writing, but whatever it was it sure worked.  I find it much easier to stay caught up on current events now since I am never around during the news hours.  My writing has improved using Twitter because it helped me to shorten up my style and get to my point much faster.  I think that this course took a unique approach to writing, and I think it would benefit many more people like it did me.

Monday, December 5, 2011


I read an article that pertained to the Eurozone Crisis on CNN.com.  Standard and Poor's said Monday that it placed fifteen members of the euro currency union on review for possible downgrade as the debt crisis in the eurozone conitnues to worsen.  The warning is applying to Germany, France, the Netherlands, Austria, and Finland.  The review was prompted by their belief that sytematic stresses in the eurozone have risen in recent weeks to the extent that they now put downward pressure on the credit standing of the eurozone as a whole.  There were five factors poitned out. They are: tightening credit conditions, rising yields on bonds issued by top rated soverigns, ongoing political deadlock over how to deal with the crisis, high levels of government and household debt, and the rising risk that Europe will suffer an economic recession next year.  That being said, our current state here in the US is quite scary.  What if we end up like the Eurozone?  We are already in debt up to our you know whats!  Let's hope that things will turn around over there and here for that matter.

Tariq Aziz

I know that this article isn't really business related, but I found it to be interesting, having served over seas myself.  According to CNN Tariq Aziz, who was Saddam Hussein's top diplomat, is set to be executed next year.  Saad Yousif al-Muttalibi said "It will definately take place and it will take place after Americans leave Iraq."  Hopefully he means this, and it is not a way for them to get us to leave, just so they can start building their Army again.  The Iraqi government did however enstate a new law that would require the death penalty be ratified within fifteen days of it being handed down.  Aziz was captured by US forces in April of 2003.  A lot of the Iraqi citizens were shocked at this because he served his country for more than 22 years and he even turned himself into the US Forces. 

Why Twitter Will Endure

I recently read the article, Why Twitter Will Endure.  I have to say that I agree with this article.  I to think Twitter will be around for a long time.  A good point was made when the author said that you can catch up on the news and such in the time it takes to get your coffee.  The access that Twitter gives you to different links that people post is astonishing.  You can read a slight post of 140 characters or less and a lot of times there will be links that you can click on that take you straight to the source.  It cuts down on time that you take to surf the web.  They have apps that you can get on your phone, so you can take Twitter wherever you go.  The hashtag feature is another cool thing. This allows people to post to a specific chat that is going on, so if you are looking for something in particular all you have to do is search for the hastag and it will bring up the whole conversation about that topic.

Impulse purchases

There was an article I read written by Tanzina Vega, called With a Click of the Remote, Impulse Purchases.  It talked about Verizon's new application.  It will basically allow viewers of shows owned by the A&E network, such as, American Pickers and Pawn Stars.  Essentially all you will have to do is watch the show if you see something you like on the show, all you have to do is open your phone and click on to purchase it.  I can see this being both good and bad.  Good for the boost of the economy, but bad for the impulse shopper that can never say no.  This is making it easy for someone that has a problem to totally lose control.  On the other hand it makes it easier for someone to purchase something that they really want.  They will signal you with a small icon in the upper right corner of the television screen when there is an item available.  Then when you touch the button the screen will split into two and you can complete your order that way, or you can use your phone the choice is yours.