Saturday, November 12, 2011

Job Relief

I recently read the article White House, GOP Advocate Jobs Relief for Veterans, on  President Obama stated "it was an American Responsibility to improve the dismal jobs landscape facing veterans when they return from duty."  I think it is about time that someone has stepped up and finally went to bat for our veterans.  After all it is the veterans and service members that provide the freedom for everyone else to work, so why in the world is it so impossible for a vet to find a job?  This has been a huge problem that has faced out nation for several years.  There are soldiers who come home, can't find a job, turn to drugs and or alcohol, and they don't have a place to call home.  To me that is just complete BS.  I'm not saying that veterans should have any special privileges, but a little help would be nice.  Thank you Mr. Obama for tackling this huge crisis.  Basically this bill will give companies tax breaks for hiring veterans.  That is very appealing to companies, especially smaller businesses.  I hope that this shines a little light of hope and helps the people who give everything, so we can sit here and rant on blogs, have a home, and every other freedom that we live day in and day out.  Thank you President Obama and thank you vets!!!

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