Monday, November 7, 2011

Businesses on Twitter

I couldn't find the article about the online twitter detective, so I thought to get my fourth blog done I would see what everyone thinks about businesses using social sites to advertise.  I personally think that this form of advertisement is good.  Not everyone reads the papers, or goes to the companies websites.  It seems that the majority of people either use facebook or twitter and if not at least a good portion of people do.  I think that the social networks are an awesome place for businesses to advertise.  Twitter you are limited to like 140 characters, so the messages are short and sweet and people will actually take the time to read them, or even if they don't they are short enough to where something might catch their eye at a glance.  I just hope that the internet does not eventually close all the newspapers down.  That could result in a lot of layoffs and raise our unemployment rates.  I didn't pull this from any article, but just wanted to see what people think of the internet vs the old school ways of doing things.

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