Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Final Blog....for now

I think that social media and business writing go hand in hand.  If you want to portray good things to the media then you better make sense when you are doing it.  Facebook and Twitter are very good social media tools to help promote a business, idea, or anything.  Twitter takes a unique approach by only allowing 140 characters.  This to me helps people become more creative and more to the point in their writings.  The job I have now cannot use social media because of privacy and HIPPA laws.  I do however think that it is a good tool for promotions and sales.  Twitter in my opinion is the best for this because of the 140 character limit you have to be concise and to the point and readers are more apt to check out what you are selling when they don’t have to read so much.  Some drawbacks to social media are that anybody can find anyone.  It is very important to not post too personal of information.  If you post the wrong things then management and the higher ups can see that it could lead to hazardous problems.  Writing varies among everyone.  Social media writing is pretty much a hey what’s up world and for lack of a better phrase giving a play by play of your life so to speak.  When you are writing on paper it seems more personal and professional to me.  It takes a lot more effort in my opinion.  There is more research when you are not writing on social media websites.  The society has been greatly impacted by social media.  All of the influential people of the world have either face book or twitter, if not both.  Each year more and more people are signing up for the social media websites and I feel pretty soon that email is going to be a thing of the past if it isn’t already.  The lingo that is used on social media websites is bad for writing in my opinion.  How many people are going to get a job if they use things like lol, omg, and fyi on their resumes or even in conversation?  That is highly unprofessional and I think that it is scarring us when it comes to writing.  I am not a very good writer as it is and for the social media websites and all the lingo it makes it even harder to learn to write better.  Social media is good for the purpose of having important information on one site.  If you are friends are follow the right people you are guaranteed to stay in the loop on just about any topic.  My writing has greatly improved due to blogging.  It could have been the repetition of constant writing, but whatever it was it sure worked.  I find it much easier to stay caught up on current events now since I am never around during the news hours.  My writing has improved using Twitter because it helped me to shorten up my style and get to my point much faster.  I think that this course took a unique approach to writing, and I think it would benefit many more people like it did me.

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